I absolutely LOVE Rob's Pizza ! If there is a way to serve "FRESH" straight from an oven, that's how I would describe Rob's Pizza. It just tastes FRESH ! When I asked him one day why it is so good, or what his secret was, he told me that he never uses anything frozen or pre prepared. FRESH dough and sauce made daily, with fresh toppings. And...the sauce is VERY good. It's not real sweet like some of the other places. It tastes like TOMATO, which I like ! I live in Monroeville and am surrounded by lot's of decent Pizza places. But when I want an exceptional, FRESH Pizza for me, the wife and kids, we take the short drive to Murrysville, and eat Pizza the way
it was meant to be !

Joe S.  Monroeville

What's funny is, I used to live in Blairsville, Pa. , and working in Pittsburgh, I would drive past the Rob's Pizza sign every day to and from work. But I never tried it. I often wondered about it as I would see signs that said Voted Best Pizza. Now...I live close to there, and eat it all of the time ! It is really good. I wouldn't take the time to write this if it wasn't true. It's different. Can't put my finger on it, but it is different. In a GOOD way ! REAL pizza flavor as if it was made in the home of an Italian woman in Italy I suppose. And Rob is a good dude. I enjoy talking to him as I am waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven. He seems to be a very genuine guy, very likeable. I now realize what I had been missing all those years !

Matt M.   Murrysville

I have a husband and 3 boys who all love Pizza. My husband and I both work, and after a long day, we all want to relax and enjoy our dinner. On Pizza night, which is at least 4 times a month, we could have pizza delivered to our door. But instead, we go to Rob's and dine in or bring it home. yes, there is other good pizza out there, but Rob's is the best in the area. He makes it how WE want it, and it is always PERFECT, never burned and always so fresh and tasty. Oh...the hoagies are to die for too ! And the White Chicken and the Heart Stopper Pizza's are EXCELLENT !

Linda S. -  Penn Twp.